Terms of use

For all bookings made on our website, the Terms & Conditions stated below are valid and binding. Before you make a booking, please take some time to read them.


The terms “company”, “we”, “us”, and “our” can be used interchangeably to mean Salty Stories.

Client: Anyone who uses the Website, renting a boat, or making payment for the renting.

Additional Guest: any extra person, who will accompany the Client on the boat during the rental period. Additional Guests does not take part in the renting process in the Website. The Client assumes full responsibility for the Additional Guests.

Group: the total number of passengers on a boat tour

“You” and “your” is a term that means any customer or passenger, or as it applies to any of them on a booking.

“Booking” means the reservation made with us for any of our services.

“Contract” means the Booking and these Terms, and any other terms and conditions stated to apply to the Booking.

“Website” means www.saltystories.gr

Company’s responsibilities

The company is responsible to deliver the booked vessel on the date and place agreed upon to the client.

The company is obliged not to sign any other charter agreement for the vessel at the same period.

The company agrees to pick up the clients with the booked vessel. The vessel will be in excellent condition, having onboard all the necessary equipment and a full fuel tank.

If the pickup spot of the clients takes place at a private marina, the related expenses burden the Client, and are excluded of the Charter Freight.

The tour is always skippered and the skipper’s fees are included in the booking agreement.  

The fuel cost is included to the booking agreement except the case that the client wants to change the route during the tour or the agreement is upon a custom made tour in which case we depart on a full tank and upon arrival we refuel and the cost is the client’s responsibility.

The company is obligated to insure the vessel for the duration of the charter (civil liability, total theft and fire).

This agreement becomes valid and binds the company to his obligations mentioned only on the condition that the client will have proceeded with payment of the amounts that are indicated above.

The company has the option to substitute the vessel with a similar size and quality one. In this case however the client has the right to inspect the proposed substitute and approve the substitution, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.

Client’s Responsibilities and rights

The client and any additional guest has to arrive at the departure point at the agreed time. If there is a delay due to traffic or any other reason The client is obliged to contact the boat skipper.

Before departing, the client has the right to inspect the vessel, its gear and the inventory, to ascertain that everything is in good working condition. The time needed for the inspection of the vessel, will not be concerned as any delay on  the embarkation.

The client  has no right to:

  1. Use the vessel for any illegal act.
  2. Exceed the vessel’s maximum number of passengers.
  3. Sub-charter the vessel

The client has the right and obligation to contact and inform us in case any incident occurs. We are certain that our captain will but we need to know your thoughts  

The client and any additional guest agrees not to proceed to any act contrary to the customs, the laws of Greece or of the EU, or contrary to the laws pertaining to fishing or under water fishing, nor to seek for and/or take possession of objects of archaeological nature or value. If any of the above mentioned acts are committed, this boat tour will be considered terminated, without prejudice to any rights of the company. The client will be the sole responsible for the above-mentioned acts and the company will not be involved for any reason, during any questioning procedure by any competent Authorities.

Skipper’s Authority

During the Cruise, the Skipper shall have complete control of the Vessel and shall be in charge of all operations relating to the Vessel. The Skipper shall have complete and unrestricted discretion to act in any way he regards as appropriate, including but not limited to such action as the Skipper may consider necessary or desirable to preserve the safety and security of the Vessel or the comfort and enjoyment of the passengers, to comply with local and flag state law, to safeguard the environment and to maintain good order and security on the Vessel.

The Skipper may at his/her sole discretion and without any liability on his/her part refuse transportation of, or at any stage of the Cruise disembark, any person who in their judgment endangers the Vessel or himself/herself, is or becomes unfit to travel, or jeopardizes the health, safety or well-being of other persons on board.

Terms of payment

All the amounts of the charter agreement shall be paid in full into one of the company’s bank accounts that have been provided to the client, in the manner and time as mentioned below:

  1. The customer shall pay 25% of the fare as a deposit for the reservation to be considered valid. The deposit must have been submitted within ten days from the booking.
  1. Each booking must be fully paid before the charter begins. In other case the charter will not take place.

Cancellation Policy

  1. In case of cancellation of the reservation between 40 to 20 days from the booking day, the company will keep the 30% of the deposit.
  1. In case of cancellation of the reservation between 20 to 1 day before the booking day, the company will keep the 85% of the deposit.

Condition violation

In case of violation of the terms and conditions by the client, any amount that has already been paid to the company will be withheld as a penalty and the charter agreement will be ended directly.

Force Majeure

Neither the company or the client in case of civil commotion, act of God, bad weather, epidemic or any other event, shall be responsible for any loss or failure under this charter party.


Any dispute that is provided on this charger agreement is exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Athens and laws of Greece. 

In case of any changes or notices by the company or client, they should be done in writing way. 

This charter party contains the full agreement of the parties with respect to all prior negotiations and proposals.