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Salty Stories offers some tools to meet your needs and take some trouble off of you. Check some of our services below. If you can’t find what you are looking for don’t hesitate to send us an email through the form at the end of the page or on the contact us page. Another option is use the live chat button to talk with one of our agents.

Salty Stories can fix that!

Need a ride?


Salty Stories can provide you all the comforts and relieve you of any process that will stress you on your vacations. We can offer you transportation from your place of residence (hotel) to our tour departure point.

Just let us know when booking your tour and leave the rest to us


Private transfer with Salty Stories

Jumping between islands?


You want to be transfered from an island to another? You need a ride from Athens to any location by sea or the other way around? Choose a boat from our fleet and we will provide a private transfer for you safely. Just contact us and leave the rest to our professional crew.


Let us take care of it

You own a motor boat?


We undertake any work on your boat. We can organize and ensure it’s maintenance where ever it is located and give you solutions to any repair that might be needed.

You can also have us transport your boat by sea from Athens to the destination of your choice or bring it back to Athens and skip the inconvenience of a long and dificult trip for you and your family.

For any additional info or request use the form or the live chat to contact us.


Have any question or request?

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